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Area 2: Soils

Description for Soils:

Soils is the introduction to understanding soil information, the web soil survey, and soil health.

Competencies for Soils:

  • Competency 2.1: Maintain an understanding of soils information.
  • Competency 2.2: Utilize Web Soil Survey Basics.
  • Competency 2.3: Understand soil health, soil properties, and sustainability principles.

Course title, description, and learning objectives - ***subject to change

Course: Introduction to Soils

Course Description:

This course will cover the most commonly available sources of official NRCS soils information that is currently available, and how to get information from soils data.

  • Objective 2.1.a: Explain basic soil related information.
  • Objective 2.1.b: Apply soils data when generating soil related interpretations.

Course Title: Introduction to Soil Health

Course Description:

This course will provide an introduction to soil health, dynamic soil properties, and sustainability principles to guide participants with recommendations for land management.

  • Objective 2.3.c: Define soil health terms.
  • Objective 2.3.d: Describe basic concepts of the soil ecosystem, biology, and function.
  • Objective 2.3.e: Identify the condition of physical, chemical, and biological indicators of soil health.
  • Objective 2.3.f: Determine best alternatives in practices to improve soil health conditions.
  • Objective 2.3.g: Explain how improved soil health increase productivity and profitability.

Course Title: Web Soil Survey

Course Description:

This course will cover information to assist users of soils information with accessing and interpreting soils data and information produced by the National Cooperative Soil Survey, including a review of the online interface.

  • Objective 2.2.a: Access web soil survey.
  • Objective 2.2.b: Demonstrate how to download official SSURGO soils.
  • Objective 2.2.c: Navigate to and select an area of interest, run interpretive reports, and create and download reports.